Microsoft Cloud ve Datacenter Management Kasım 2020 Bülten



Silect MP University 2020 session recordings are available

Noa Kuperberg blogs about some of the new content in the Azure Monitor community repo

Billy York releases an awesome Azure Inventory Dashboard

Thomas Maurer looks at Azure Log Analytics for Azure Arc Enabled servers

Cameron Fuller provides a step-by-step on how to color code based on values in a text field within an Azure Monitor Workbook

Anoop C Nair walks through some tricks to optimize ConfigMgr Task Sequence OS Deployment

Eswar Koneti shows how to collect Teams client logs for troubleshooting using ConfigMgr


Garth Jones shows how to get a PFX certificate for CMG

Stephen J. Bigelow talks about when to use SCCM in the cloud with a CMG

Adrian Moore discusses migrating ADE iOS devices to Intune

James van den Berg shows how to use Windows Admin Center with Azure Security Center integration

Corey Sanders and Heath Lawson discuss how a global financial institution shut down cybersecurity threats with Azure Sentinel

Charbel Nemnom shows how to find the diagnostic settings configuration for Azure resources

John Joyner provides a deep-dive on using Azure Sentinel with enterprise firewalls



Advancing Global Network Reliability Through Intelligent Software

Network system reliability is a top priority for us, and we are continuously making improvements to our systems. Although network incidents at our hyperscale are inevitable, we take these opportunities to learn from the various contributing factors and re-think our availability design principles to make our services even more reliable.

In early October 2020, we experienced a rare service incident that caused network congestion on some routes for a short duration, which impacted other Microsoft cloud services. There are great learnings from this particular issue, and we have incorporated those learnings in our software and processes—and called them out below.


Overview of Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

Pratibha Sood joins Sarah Lean to discuss the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure-including its key components, business value, and how you can get started.


Azure High-Performance Computing at Supercomputing 2020

Azure’s market-leading vision for HPC and AI is based on a core of genuine and recognized HPC expertise, using proven HPC technology and design principles, enhanced with the best features of the cloud. The result is a capability that delivers performance, scale, and value unlike any other cloud. This means applications scaling 12 times higher than other public clouds. It means higher application performance per node. It means powering AI workloads for one customer with a supercomputer fit to be among the top five in the world. And it means delivering massive compute power into the hands of medical researchers over a weekend to prove out life-saving innovations in the fight against COVID-19.


Microsoft Unlocks the Full Potential of the Smart Building Ecosystem

Last year, we highlighted how Microsoft was accelerating smart building solutions with investments in cloud, AI, and IoT. Since then we have continued our momentum, maturing our Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge capabilities and partner ecosystem to solve complex scenarios and integrate previously disparate silos. This year, we are excited to showcase how, together with some of the world’s largest real estate owners and managers, Microsoft is empowering industry-leading smart buildings developed upon a thriving ecosystem of solution developers, device manufacturers, systems integrators, and service providers.


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Silect MP University 2020

SCOMathon Workshop Week

SCOM 2016 UR10 released


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Azure Monitor for Virtual Machines Guest Health is in public preview

What’s new in the Azure Monitor community repo

What’s new in Azure Monitor documentation?

The Ultimate Azure Inventory Dashboard

Announcing New ServiceNow Event Management and Azure Monitor Integration

Azure Log Analytics For Azure Arc Enabled Servers

Secure Export – BMC Helix Integration

Azure Monitor Connections Video Nov 4, 2020

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Azure Monitor Workbook

How to Import Azure Monitor, Sentinel Workbooks

Double click a table in Log Analytics table side bar to run a preview query

Preview: Azure Monitor for containers now support capacity monitoring of Persistent Volume (PV)

Azure Monitor Application Insights Java 3.0 is now generally available

Step-by-step directions to color code based on values in a text field within a workbook

Deep linking from Grafana panels to the Log Analytics query editor in Azure Portal

What’s new with Azure Monitor plugin for Grafana


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New application actions in MEM admin center with Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2010.2

When to use SCCM in the cloud with a CMG

When Co-Management Goes Bad: The case of Windows 10 IPU and the missing MDM certificate

Fix ConfigMgr Console Terminates Unexpectedly Error

Add Microsoft Store Application to ConfigMgr

Prevent Users from Disabling Toast Notifications – Can it be Done?

Failed to read assigned Site Code from Registry Error Code 0x80070002

Troubleshooting BitLocker Management in ConfigMgr – Part 2. Client side

How to Get a PFX Certificate for CMG

10 Most Used Right Click Tools for Configuration Manager

Using PowerShell script to extract the status messages for SMS provider, Site and client in Configuration Manager

How to collect Teams client logs for troubleshooting using Configuration Manager–Scripts

Manage BitLocker for CMG connected devices using Technical preview 2010.2

Tricks to Optimize ConfigMgr Task Sequence OS Deployment

ConfigMgr 2006 Hotfix KB4578605 SCCM

Deploy Adobe Flash Removal update KB4577586 using MEMCM


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Microsoft Intune Feedback – Make your voice heard

What’s new in Microsoft Intune – November 2020

In development for Microsoft Intune – November 2020

Microsoft Graph permissions reference – November 2020

What’s new in mobile device enrollment and management – November 2020

Migrating ADE iOS Devices to Intune

Microsoft Endpoint Manager support for macOS Big Sur

Get started configuring Microsoft Edge using Intune for Education

Support Tip: Devices not receiving APP/MAM policies due to missing IP addresses

Support Tip: iOS 14 fails compliance check when passcode expires

Intune certificate updates: Action may be required for continued connectivity

Windows Autopilot networking requirements

Windows Autopilot – Policy Conflicts

“Something went wrong” with OOBEAADV10

Tenant attach: Device timeline in the admin center (preview)

Tenant attach: Create and deploy endpoint security policies from the admin center (preview)


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Windows Admin Center with Azure Security Center integration

Creating Your First Azure SQL Database | Data Exposed

Reduce costs with new memory-optimized Azure Virtual Machines certified for SAP HANA

At-scale migration automation support with Azure Migrate and Azure PowerShell

How to optimize your Azure workload costs

New enhanced DNS features in Azure Firewall—now generally available

Finding Diagnostic Settings Configuration for Azure Resources


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DPM SCOM Management Pack and DPM 2016 UR10

How to Get Azure File Sync Cloud Tiering Efficiency With PowerShell

Azure Backup for Azure PostgreSQL long-term retention in preview


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Advanced Incident Management for Office and Endpoint DLP using Azure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel: Connecting the Enterprise Firewalls

How To Check Azure Defender Status on Azure Subscription With PowerShell

How a global financial institution shuts down cyberthreats at scale with Microsoft Azure Sentinel


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