Microsoft Cloud ve Datacenter Management Eylül 2020 Bülten



Kevin Holman shows how to change Web Console defaults in SCOM 2019

Udishman Mudiar walks through dual-homing SCOM UNIX/LINUX Agents

The new Azure Monitor Agent is available in public preview

Anders Bengtsson shows how to send SMS notification of Azure Sentinel alerts through Azure Monitor

Vanessa Bruwer blogs about using Resource Tags for filtering queries in Azure Monitor Workbooks

Warren Kahn provides a script to show the Event Logs being collected in Azure Monitor

Evgeny Ternovsky walks through how to monitor queries being executed in your Azure Log Analytics Workspaces


Anoop C Nair shows how to analyze MECM client logs using CMPivot

Garth Jones provide steps for troubleshooting the SCCM Reporting Services Point

Michael Niehaus blogs about speeding up Windows Autopilot for existing devices

Intune Support: Inconsistencies in reporting of Discovered apps

Stefan Stranger talks about becoming an Enterprise-Scale subject matter expert

Charbel Nemnom shows how To enable self-service restore in Azure File Sync

Steve Rachui has Configuration Manager video tutorials on Application Groups, Application Integration, and Task Sequence Integration



Establish cloud governance using Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

Brian Blanchard joins Scott Hanselman to discuss how you can unblock your cloud adoption efforts using the Cloud Adoption Framework governance methodology. This agile, iterative methodology enables governance maturity without impeding migration or innovation.

Microsoft publishes secure isolation guidance for Azure and Azure Government

To provide customers with more detailed information about isolation in a multi-tenant cloud, Microsoft has published Azure guidance for secure isolation which provides technical guidance to addresses common security and isolation concerns pertinent to cloud adoption. It also explores design principles and technologies available in Azure to help customers achieve their secure isolation objectives using a multi-layered approach


Preparing for what’s next: Building landing zones for successful cloud migrations

In this blog, we will cover what landing zones are and the importance of getting cloud destinations ready in advance of the physical migration, as that generates significant benefit in the long-term.


Connector for AWS in Azure Cost Management + Billing is now generally available

In 2019, we announced the preview of the connector for Azure Cost Management + Billing, which allows our customers to analyze their Azure and AWS spend from a single pane of glass in the Azure Portal. We are excited to announce that this feature is now generally available. This new connector simplifies handling different cost models and numerous billing cycles so you can visualize and always stay up-to-date with your spend across clouds.

In this blog, we would like to explain how to get started.


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Survey: Monitoring Windows Servers running in the Cloud (Azure, AWS)

How to change Web Console defaults in SCOM 2019

Silect’s New Power BI Dashboards for SCOM

Webinar: NiCE MongoDB Management Pack for Microsoft SCOM

Monitoring Exchange Queues in Exchange 2013 and later

Dual home SCOM UNIX/LINUX Agents and Migrate – Part 1

Dual Home SCOM UNIX/LINUX Agents and Migrate – Part 2

MSMQ Management Pack for Microsoft Message Queuing on Windows 2012 and later

SQL Mirroring Version Agnostic Management Pack

SCOM 2019: New version of the SQL Management Pack v7.0.24.0

Silect MP Studio, MP Author Pro and MP Author: Version 10.1

Webinar: Monitoring SQL Server with SCOM and SQL Server MPs


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Azure Monitor Agent and Data Collection Rules Public Preview

Azure Monitor Logs – Log Analytics REST APIs general availability

What’s new in Azure Monitor documentation

Monitoring queries being executed in your Azure Log Analytics Workspaces

Log Analytics – share your insights with the world

IT Service Management Connector (ITSMC) is now available in Azure Government

Public Preview: Application Insight in UK West, Germany West Central, Switzerland West and Australia Central 2

Sending SMS notification of Azure Sentinel alerts through Azure Monitor

Ingestion data isolation in Log Analytics

Azure Storage classic metrics will be retired on 31 August 2023

Improvements to Azure Monitor Metric Alerts

AzureMonitor – How to use Resource Tags for filtering queries in Workbooks

What Windows Event Logs am I collecting in Azure Monitor Logs?

Webinar: Digital Experience Monitoring for Office 365 on SCOM and Azure

Collect and Parse FSLogix Event Log

Azure Monitor Logs community links update

Azure Monitor for containers agent update

Log Analytics Agent for Windows August 2020 release is now available

Azure API Management will retire 5 legacy metrics in Azure Monitor on 31 August 2023


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Analyze MECM Client Logs Using CMPivot

ConfigMgr CMPivot Query for Out of Support Office 365 ProPlus

Remote control any online client with Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2009

System Center 2012 Configuration Manager is Approaching End of Support

Video Tutorial: Application Groups – Application Deployment Part 16

Video Tutorial: Install Application Integration – Application Deployment Part 17

Video Tutorial: Task Sequences Integration – Application Deployment Part 18

Company Portal app for use on co-managed devices is now available for ConfigMgr current branch

Forcing a Full Hardware Inventory Report to be Sent Immediately on a ConfigMgr Client

OSD via boot media and CMG, available in TP2009

Identify Default Browser Dashboard

Troubleshooting the SCCM Reporting Services Point

MEMCM 2009 TP CMG – Virtual Machine sets

Collection Evaluation Viewer is now integrated with Configuration Manager

Configuration Manager 2006 Hotfix KB4576791

ConfigMgr Enable Upload Endpoint Analytics Data

Calling a CM script via the Admin Service

Launching Windows Admin Center from the Configuration Manager Console

Change the Preferred Band Setting for a Wireless Network Adapter Using a CI/Baseline


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Microsoft Intune Feedback – Make your voice heard

What’s new in Microsoft Intune – September 2020

In development for Microsoft Intune – September 2020

Microsoft Graph permissions reference – September 2020

Microsoft Defender Antivirus for ConfigMgr tenant attach clients public preview

Intune Customer Success: Managing Android devices where Google Mobile Services are not available

Microsoft Endpoint Manager Support for Android 11

Support Tip: Inconsistencies in reporting of Discovered apps

Microsoft Endpoint Manager support for iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and watchOS 7

Using Microsoft Graph from Python

Speeding up Windows Autopilot for existing devices

Endpoint analytics data collection

Troubleshooting Windows Autopilot

Windows Autopilot – Policy Conflicts


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Becoming an Enterprise-Scale Subject Matter Expert

Customize Windows Server IaaS Virtual Machine images with Azure Image Builder

ARM templates basics for Microsoft Azure

Automate Stop and Start of Azure Application Gateway


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How To Lower Your Azure File Shares Cost With Hot and Cool Tiers

5 ways to optimize your backup costs with Azure Backup

Backup Best Practices in Action – The Backup Bible Part 2

How To Enable Self-Service Restore in Azure File Sync

Azure NetApp Files cross region replication and new enhancements in preview

Azure Backup: Restore an Azure IaaS VM from a soft-deleted backup


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Announcing public preview of Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention

Scan Container Images in Azure Container Registry with Azure Security Center

Build a scalable security practice with Azure Lighthouse and Azure Sentinel

How To Import, Export, and Share Workbooks in Azure Sentinel


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