Microsoft Cloud ve Datacenter Management Aralık 2020 Bülten



Kevin Holman has a step-by-step install for SCOM 2016 UR10

Thomas Maurer shows how to monitor an Azure virtual machine with Azure Monitor

John Joyner walks through the process of moving AKS monitoring to a new Log Analytics workspace

Roy Gal provides a video to explain Log Analytics scopes

James van den Berg shows how to deploy Azure Stack HCI Cluster with Windows Admin Center

Chrissy LeMaire demos automation of disaster recovery in SQL Server


Tyson Paul shows how to
trace SCOM Workflows with PowerShell

Charbel Nemnom shows how to enable Azure Backup for existing file shares using ARM templates

Niall Brady walks through deploying an OS over CMG using bootable media

Anoop C Nair shows how to deploy Microsoft Store apps using ConfigMgr

Eswar Koneti blogs about using ConfigMgr to perform network connectivity tests for Microsoft Teams

Jason Sandys shows how to add a certificate to Trusted Publishers using Intune



Watch this new series to help you navigate and adopt the cloud

Whether you are just embarking on your cloud journey or you are looking to maximize business value out of your existing cloud investments, you may want to leverage industry best practices and technical guidance we have compiled in Azure documentation, from working with many engineers, customers, and partners.


Azure Stack HCI delivers world-class hyperconverged infrastructure

As a new normal has been defined by a worldwide pandemic and economic changes this year, businesses have sought new ways to optimize the delivery of their goods and services and better IT cost efficiency in an increasingly remote work environment. The technology that lays the foundation for remote work, hyperconverged infrastructure, has long been an ideal way for organizations to deliver key workloads such as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), IT for remote offices and branch offices (ROBO) and for companies to drive datacenter modernization. Azure Stack HCI delivers on these customer needs with the innovation of Azure integration. With our cloud-native approach, our goal is to help customers realize higher value HCI through quick deployment and integration that leverages familiar management and tools with flexible Azure subscription pricing.


Microsoft introduces steps to improve internet routing security

Routing security is vital to the future and stability of the Internet and Microsoft has long been committed to improving internet routing security. Back in 2019, Microsoft joined the Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) initiative to address the challenges related to routing security, which impacts businesses and consumers daily. We implemented the existing MANRS framework in our operations and partnered with Internet Society, the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, and other organizations to examine how actors beyond network operators and internet exchange points (IXPs) can effectively contribute to routing security.

On December 9th we announced the steps Microsoft will take to implement the new actions defined by the MANRS Cloud and CDN program


Microsoft’s 2020 Diversity & Inclusion report: A commitment to accelerate progress amidst global change

This year’s report focuses on three core areas in addition to the data: the ways that diversity and inclusion is integrated into our employee pandemic response, our commitments to addressing racial injustice, and our investment in the Allyship at Microsoft learning path. The report also includes:

  • For the first time, our data on the number of employees in the U.S. who self-identify as having a disability;
  • An expanded look at our global equal pay data including 10 of the largest markets outside of the U.S.;
  • A closer look at our Inclusion Index and the various ways we receive insights on how employees experience our efforts to strengthen our culture of inclusion; and
  • A more global mix of employee voices and experiences across a range of communities, identities, and geographies.


The broadest range of cloud innovation across US Government data classifications

On December 7th, we announced the expansion of our mission-critical cloud for US Government with new capabilities in Azure Government, the expansion of Azure Government Secret, and the announcement of a new cloud to serve customers with Top Secret classified data—Azure Government Top Secret.


Azure Modular Datacenter – Mission resiliency for the field

Defense and national security missions often occur away from headquarters and in the field, where things happen quickly and rapid decision making can translate to success or failure.

With Azure Modular Datacenter (MDC), Microsoft has brought key aspects of the Azure cloud to the edge, ready to deliver enterprise-class compute, storage, and Azure services wherever the mission needs them.


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UR10 for SCOM 2016 – Step by Step

Tracing SCOM Workflows with PowerShell


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Unified Connection Monitor in Network Watcher is now generally available

Guest health feature in Azure Monitor for virtual machines

How to Monitor an Azure virtual machine with Azure Monitor

Public preview: Azure Monitor for containers new Reports(tab) & deployment live logs

New Azure Monitor Agent and Data Collection Rules capabilities released in public preview

Azure resource logs for Azure Storage is now in public preview

Infrastructure Encryption for Azure Monitor dedicated clusters now generally available

Log Analytics scopes explained

Cross Service Query – Azure Monitor and Azure Data Explorer

Azure Monitor for Windows Virtual Desktop in public preview

Kusto Evaluate Operator and its Plugins

What’s new in Azure Monitor documentation?

Azure Monitor Connections Video December 9, 2020

Azure Kubernetes Container monitoring: Move or Consolidate workspaces

Log Analytics table pane – only show tables with data

Now available: Azure Storage logs

Private Link support for Azure Automation is now generally available


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Update 2010 for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager current branch is now available

Categorize Community hub content with Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2011

View updated Windows 10 Servicing dashboard in Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2012

PowerBI Reports for Windows 10 Feature Update Compliance

Deploy an OS over CMG using bootable media

Improvements to BitLocker management in Endpoint Manager update 2010

What to do when Endpoint Manager upgrades don’t go as planned. Hint: logs

Software Installed in the Past x Days

Deploy Microsoft Store Apps using ConfigMgr

SCCM Console Notification Option in Action for ConfigMgr 2010

Install Multiple Applications using ConfigMgr Task Sequence

SCCM OSD SMSTS Log File Reading Tips

SCCM 2006 Revised Update Rollup Hotfix KB4575789

SCCM 2010 Workaround to Delete Collections Issue

What is new in Configuration Manager 2010 reporting

Using Configuration Manager to perform Network Connectivity Tests for Microsoft Teams

ConfigMgr SUSDB Deletion Error – Cannot drop database SUSDB

SCCM Distribution Point (DP) automated install via PowerShell

How to configure Desktop Analytics and more…

Configuration Manager Report on Custom Registry Key


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Microsoft Intune Feedback – Make your voice heard

What’s new in Microsoft Intune – December 2020

In development for Microsoft Intune – December 2020

Microsoft Graph permissions reference – December 2020

What’s new in mobile device enrollment and management – December 2020

Outlook for Android and Cross-Profile Switching Experience Improvements in Android Enterprise

Intune MDM enrollment certificate not present after updating to a newer version of Windows

Providing secure access to Desktop and Mobile Helpdesk admins using Role-Based Access Control in MEM

Adding a Certificate to Trusted Publishers using Intune

Tenant attach: Launch CMPivot from the admin center (preview)

Tenant attach: Install an application from the admin center (preview)

Windows Autopilot Deployment for existing devices

Manually register devices with Windows Autopilot

Deployment of Microsoft Teams Rooms to Azure


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Learn about Azure Stack HCI on Microsoft Learn

Get started with the Azure Arc Jumpstart Project

Organize Azure Arc enabled Servers

Windows Admin Center – Installing Windows Server version 20H2 Core Build 10.0.1904

Removing Diagnostic Settings Configuration for Azure Resources

Azure Arc Security remediation on Azure Stack HCI Cluster

Deploying Azure Stack HCI Cluster with Windows Admin Center

November 2020 Update for Azure Diagnostic Settings Policy Definitions

How to Automate Disaster Recovery in SQL Server On-Prem

Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes with GitOps

Start your Cloud Project with Microsoft FastTrack for Azure

How to install and set up an Azure Stack HCI Host


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Enable Azure Backup for Existing File Shares using ARM Templates

Move Protected Server Between Two DPM Servers


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What’s New in Azure Security Center

Microsoft introduces steps to improve internet routing security

Azure Defender for ARM in Azure Security Center

Azure Defender for Azure DNS in Azure Security Center


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