Microsoft Cloud ve Datacenter Management Ağustos 2020 Bülten


Update Rollup 2 for System Center 2019 is released

Kevin Holman has a step-by-step install for SCOM 2019 UR2, and an updated SCOM Management MP

Tyson Paul has an MP to control SCOM Maintenance Mode from the Agent

Himanshu Miglani walks through enhancements in SCOM 2019 Performance

The Azure Monitor Community Repository is now available

Krishna Chakra Karanam goes through the new features in System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2019

Charbel Nemnom shows how to backup Azure file shares snapshots to a separate storage account for disaster recovery

Audit Logs
of Azure Monitor logs queries now available

Sandy Zeng walks through deploying Microsoft 365 Apps with “no content”

Niall C. Brady walks through ]new features in Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2008

Laura Arrizza announces a new version of the PowerBI Compliance Report with Intune Data Warehouse

Billy York provides an Azure Monitor SQL Insights Workbook

Steve Rachui continues his Configuration Manager Application Deployment series with a video tutorial on App-V 5.0 Sequencer

Priya Ravichandran discussed using Intune to manage purpose-built specialty devices without Google Mobile Services (GMS)

Data shows how the pandemic is accelerating the digital transformation of cyber-security

The importance of cybersecurity in facilitating productive remote work was a significant catalyst for the two years-worth of digital transformation we observed in the first two months of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this era of ubiquitous computing, security solutions don’t just sniff out threats, they serve as control planes for improving productivity and collaboration by giving end-users easier access to more corporate resources.

Mark Russinovich: Advancing the outage experience – automation, communication, and transparency

“Service incidents like outages are an unfortunate inevitability of the technology industry. Of course, we are constantly improving the reliability of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. We meet and exceed our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for the vast majority of customers and continue to invest in evolving tools and training that make it easy for you to design and operate mission-critical systems with confidence.

In spite of these efforts, we acknowledge the unfortunate reality that—given the scale of our operations and the pace of change—we will never be able to avoid outages entirely. During these times we endeavor to be as open and transparent as possible to ensure that all impacted customers and partners understand what’s happening. As part of our Advancing Reliability blog series, I asked Sami Kubba, Principal Program Manager overseeing our outage communications process, to outline the investments we’re making to continue improving this experience.”—Mark Russinovich, CTO, Azure

Channel 9: Getting started as a cloud engineer with Gwyneth Peña

Azure MVP Gwyneth Peña joins Scott Hanselman to show him how she got started as a cloud engineer not only by learning by doing, but also by documenting what she was learning and sharing her journey with others.

New Azure SQL Learning Tools help reduce the global technology skills gap

Our all-new content will help beginners being introduced to Azure as well as SQL experts learn how to understand the benefits of Azure SQL. Since SQL Server and Azure SQL share the same engine, these new set of tools builds upon familiar content. This means SQL Server professionals can become Azure SQL professionals with just a little bit of help, such as:

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Update Rollup 2 for System Center Operations Manager 2019

New features in Operations Manager 2019 UR2

UR2 for SCOM 2019 – Step by Step

How to override the Alert Name and Alert Description of a Sealed Monitor

Updated for UR2: SCOM Management – MP – Making a SCOM Admin’s life a little easier

SquaredUp Webinar on SCOM UR2

Creating Diagnostics for Operations Manager unit monitors

Enhancements made in SCOM Performance: Faster and more reliable web and ops consoles

Released: SQL Server Management Pack (

Control SCOM Maintenance Mode from the Agent with SCOMAgentHelper Management Pack

Automated Linux Agent Deployment for SCOM

SCOM 2019: Scheduled reports fail to run – The job failed. Unable to determine if the owner has access

How to do simple math in a SCOM module – using System.Computation

Easily Configure SCOM Cross-Platform Management Server Certificates

SCOM 2019 Web Console – 0x800700b7 Internal Server Error 500.19

Monitoring CentOS8 in SCOM 2019 UR2

Monitor Storage Spaced Direct and Hyper-V with SCOM

SCOM Export-SCOMOverrides Report

SCOM Effective Monitoring Configuration Report

Add Reviewer From Self-Service Portal in System Center Service Manager

Announcement: What’s new with Service Manager!

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Azure Monitor Community Repository is now available

How to get started with Azure Monitor Workbooks

Monitoring Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes and servers

Audit Logs of Azure Monitor logs queries now available

Azure Monitor SQL Insights Workbook

A better place to handle your KQL queries

AzureMonitor Logs – Have you noticed the Export button?

Azure Monitor Agent (AMA) goes preview

Log Analytics new System Center configuration pane

Line numbers in Log Analytics query editor

How to find Azure Log Analytics Keys

Recording for Inside Azure Management Virtual Summit Now Available

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Company Portal app for use on co-managed devices is now available for ConfigMgr current branch

Update 2006 for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager current branch is now available

Video Tutorial: App-V 5.0 Sequencer – Application Deployment Part 13

Preview Query Results with Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2008

Deploy Microsoft 365 Apps with “no content”

WIM Witch v2.3.0 – ISO Creation, Upgrade Packages, Optional and Dynamic Updates, Boot.wim updating

Better Together – Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM)

How can I replace an expired IIS certificate in a PKI enabled ConfigMgr environment

Cool new features in Technical Preview 2008

Troubleshooting ConfigMgr Enhanced HTTP and Azure Directory Group Sync

Demystifying Windows 10 Feature Update Blocks

Remove Windows 10 In-Box Apps with ConfigMgr or Intune and the Microsoft Store for Business

How to Create a SSRS Date Range Prompt

My Two Favorite ConfigMgr Run Scripts

SCCM Secondary Site Maintenance Tasks

Content Distribution Error 0x8007ffff

Uninstall Desktop Central Agents Using ConfigMgr

ConfigMgr CMG Error – The Remote Name Could Not Be Resolved

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Microsoft Intune Feedback – Make your voice heard

What’s new in Microsoft Intune – August 2020

In development for Microsoft Intune – August 2020

Microsoft Graph permissions reference – August 2020

Known Issue – Windows Updates occasionally incorrectly show as not succeeded in Intune

Using Intune to manage purpose-built specialty devices without Google Mobile Services (GMS)

Announcing a New Version of the PowerBI Compliance Report with Intune Data Warehouse

Preparing devices for Back-To-School in a Remote Learning World: Part 1

Announcing a Microsoft Endpoint Manager AMA for IT pros in education

Azure AD won’t let you delete device objects associated with Windows Autopilot

Time, time, time (and location services)

Command line apps from the store: How does that work?

Manage BitLocker policy for Windows 10 in Intune

What is Endpoint analytics (preview)?

Endpoint analytics settings

Troubleshooting Endpoint analytics

Windows Autopilot – known issues

DFCI Management

Setting the BitLocker encryption algorithm for Autopilot devices

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Update Rollup 2 for System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2019 is here with exciting new features!

How to optimize your Azure workload costs

Prioritize datacenter discovery and readiness assessments to accelerate cloud migration

Introducing the next generation of Azure Stack HCI | Azure Friday

New Windows Virtual Desktop capabilities now generally available

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Channel 9: Azure SQL – Automated Backups (Part 2) | Data Exposed

Update Rollup 2 for System Center 2019 Data Protection Manager

Backup Azure File Shares Snapshots to a Separate Storage Account for Disaster Recovery

Announcement- System Center Data Protection Manager 2019 UR2 is here!

What’s New in System Center 2019 Data Protection Manager Update Rollup 2

Protect Azure File Shares With Advanced Threat Protection in Azure Security Center

Achieve faster backups using tiered storage with DPM and MABS!

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Upcoming Security Community Webinars

New Forrester study shows customers who deploy Microsoft Azure AD benefit from 123% RO

Guiding principles of our identity strategy: staying ahead of evolving customer needs

Microsoft Joins Open Source Security Foundation

Seeing the big picture: Deep learning-based fusion of behavior signals for threat detection

Azure Information Protection Premium Government Service Description

Using Azure PIM for the AIP Super User feature management

Announcing General Availability of Unified Labeling in GCC and GCC-H Environments

Microsoft Office 365—Do you have a false sense of cloud security?

Protect Hybrid Workloads from Threats using Azure Security Center

CISO Stressbusters: Post #4: 4 tips for running a highly effective security operation

What’s new: Azure Sentinel and Microsoft Defender ATP improved alert integration

Microsoft Threat Protection now uses more descriptive incident names

Inside Microsoft Threat Protection: Solving cross-domain security incidents through the power of correlation analytics

Hunt for threats using events captured by Azure ATP

On-demand webcast series: “Tracking the adversary”

Pull in more intelligence and act fast while you hunt

See how consolidated incidents improve SOC efficiency

The Action center in Microsoft Threat Protection

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