Microsoft Cloud ve Datacenter Management Temmuz 2020 Bülten



SCOMathon recordings are available

Kevin Holman provides a script to find unused Management Packs in SCOM

Channel 9 Video: Introducing Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions

The Intune Team reminds us to move to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center for Intune administration

Vanessa Bruwer and Anders Bengtsson provide a data ingestion workbook for Azure Monitor

Billy York provides Azure Monitor and Sentinel Workbook templates

Suren Jamiyanaa announces New Azure Firewall features


Nathan Gau on using Cloud Shell to fix a dead VM

Steve Rachui has a video series on application deployment in Configuration Manager

Anoop C Nair provides an SCCM application deployment custom report SQL query

Charbel Nemnom shows how to protect Azure file shares with Advanced Threat Protection in Azure Security Center

Matt Lowe shows how to move Azure Sentinel logs to long-term storage

Kevin Justin blogs about the SCOM 2016 web console hot fix

Iftekhar Hussain shows how to monitor SQL Server with Azure Sentinel



Announcing the general availability of Azure shared disks and new Azure Disk Storage enhancements

On July 16th, we announced the general availability of shared disks on Azure Disk Storage – enabling you to more easily migrate your existing on-premises Windows and Linux-based clustered environments to Azure. We also announced important new enhancements for Azure Disk Storage to provide you with more availability, security, and flexibility.

Introducing the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework

As the technology requirements of your business or practice grow and change over time, deploying business-critical applications can increase complexity and overhead substantially. To help manage this ever-growing complexity, we are pleased to announce the introduction of the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework. Following industry standards and terms, the Azure Well-Architected Framework provides a set of Azure architecture best practices to help you build and deliver great solutions.

The Azure Well-Architected Framework is divided into five pillars of architectural best practices: cost management, operational excellence, performance efficiency, reliability, and security. These pillars help you effectively and consistently optimize your workloads against Azure best practices and the specific business priorities that are relevant to you or your customers’ cloud journey.


With 14 new services at FedRAMP High, Azure Government continues expanding compliance coverage

In the era of big data, insights collected from cloud services running at the scale of Azure quickly exceed the attention span of humans. It’s critical to identify the right steps to maintain the highest possible quality of service based on the large volume of data collected. In applying this to Azure, we envision infusing AI into our cloud platform and DevOps process, becoming AIOps, to enable the Azure platform to become more self-adaptive, resilient, and efficient. AIOps will also support our engineers to take the right actions more effectively and in a timely manner to continue improving service quality and delighting our customers and partners. This post continues our Advancing Reliability series highlighting initiatives underway to keep improving the reliability of the Azure platform.


New Azure Architecture Icons

Customers and partners are permitted by Microsoft to use the Azure icons to create architecture diagrams. They are designed as a family. The icons can also be used in training manuals or documentation about a Microsoft product. 


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SCOMathon recordings available

SCOM 2019 Security Account Matrix

How to find unused Management Packs in SCOM

Future proof your VMware monitoring in SCOM

How to create a SCOM Group of Disks that are related to an Application using CONTAINED and CONTAINS

Updated: MMA Agent and SCOM Agent version numbers

Webinar: SCOM Security – the best tips, tools and MPs to secure your SCOM environment

Azure VM Properties Management Pack

Monitoring RHEL 6 Using SCOM 2019 UR1

Quick Start – SCOM REST API

IBM WebSphere MQ SCOM Management Pack

SCOM On Demand Discovery Example

TLS Compliance Monitoring

Automated Linux Agent Deployment for SCOM

Request CA Certificate and Client Certificate from Web Enrollment CA for SCOM

Install Root Certificate Authority (Standalone) Windows Server 2016, Create SCOM Certificate Template

Find the command the UNIX pack runs for a performance counter

ADCS – Active Directory Certificate Services Addendum pack

Installation of SCOM Reporting 2019 after UR1


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Introducing Azure Load Balancer insights using Azure Monitor for Networks

Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions is now in preview

Improvements to Azure Monitor log alerts include new links and added dimensions

Join Azure Monitor Monthly Connections on July 30 for live Q&A

Channel 9: Introducing Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions

Azure Monitor for Containers now supports recommended alerts

Azure Monitor for Key Vault is now in preview

Azure Monitor – Data Ingestion Workbook

Azure Monitor Change Tracking Workbook

Azure Monitor, Sentinel QuickStart Workbook templates

Azure Security Center – Secure Score Trending with Azure Automation and Azure Monitor Logs

Azure Monitor video: How to create dashboards with Azure Monitor data

Azure Monitor Agents: their different functions

How to create dashboards with Azure Monitor data

How to integrate Log Analytics and Excel with Azure Monitor

Advanced KQL Free online course

KQL to Help Identify Systems Patched for CVE-2020-1350

Monitoring SQL Server with Azure Sentinel

Log Analytics Operators Has, Contains and In


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Video Tutorial Series: Application Deployment in Configuration Manager

Clear Application Content From SCCM Client Cache

Update Rollup for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager version 2002

View ConfigMgr apps in Company Portal using Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2006

View Hardware Inventory in MEM admin center with Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2007

Impact of Changes to Update Channels for Microsoft 365 Apps

Cloud Management Gateway Choices

Endpoint analytics is now available in public preview

Breakdown of the product suite Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Configuring Autologon during OSD using Autologon.exe

SCCM Updates And Servicing Stuck In Downloading State

Publishing Microsoft Store For Business Applications In SCCM

SCCM CMPivot Query Devices with Greater than 15 GB Free Disk Space

SCCM Application Deployment Custom Report SQL Query

Client InActive Obsolete Status Using SQL Query

Run Scripts is the Best Feature in SCCM

ConfigMgr Technical Preview 2007

Why is Update Installation Failing: Eliminating the Usual Suspects


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Microsoft Intune Feedback – Make your voice heard

What’s new in Microsoft Intune – July 2020

In development for Microsoft Intune – July 2020

Microsoft Graph permissions reference – July 2020

Intune announcing public preview for Android Enterprise corporate-owned devices with a work profile

Device registration fails as Company Portal installation is not detected on Jamf-managed Macs

Reminder – Move to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center for all your Intune administration

How to deploy DMG or APP-format apps to Intune-managed Macs

Announcing the Android Enterprise security configuration framework

Windows Autopilot diagnostics: Digging deeper

Webcast: AMA: Managing iOS and macOS devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager – August 11, 2020

What is Endpoint analytics (preview)

Manage device security with endpoint security policies in Microsoft Intune

Intune for Education portal updates

How to Setup Microsoft Launcher on Android Enterprise


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Microsoft Azure ARC for Hybrid Infrastructure Management

Announcing the general availability of Azure shared disks and new Azure Disk Storage enhancements

Automating the onboarding on-premises, AWS and GCP VMs on Sentinel with Azure Arc

Deliver hybrid cloud capabilities with the next generation of Azure Stack HCI

Optimize on-premises monthly update delivery using the cloud

New Azure Firewall features in Q2 CY2020

Plan your migration to Azure VMware solution using Azure Migrate

Using Cloud Shell to Fix a Dead VM

Azure Firewall Manager is now generally available


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Microsoft Windows Admin Center and Azure Backup Management

Information Protection sensitivity labels in Teams/SharePoint sites

Protect Azure File Shares With Advanced Threat Protection in Azure Security Center

Azure Files support and new updates in advanced threat protection for Azure Storage


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Announcing general availability of the new version of Microsoft Secure Score

5 cybersecurity paradigm shifts that will lead to more inclusive digital experiences

Azure Sentinel Ninja Training: The June 2020 update

How do I start improving my security posture in the cloud?

PODCAST: Cyber security trends that are here to stay and how to detect and recover from ransomware attacks

Lessons learned from the Microsoft SOC—Part 3d: Zen and the art of threat hunting

Modernizing the security operations center to better secure a remote workforce

Introducing Kernel Data Protection, a new platform security technology for preventing data corruption

PowerShell Basics: How to check if MFA is enabled in Azure and Office 365

Hunting for anomalous sessions in your data with Azure Sentinel

Move Your Azure Sentinel Logs to Long-Term Storage

SSO is your doorkeeper, watch it with Azure Sentinel

New: Azure Sentinel Machine Learning Behavior Analytics: Anomalous RDP Login Detection

Azure Sentinel API 101

Categorizing Microsoft alerts across data sources in Azure Sentinel

Microsoft Defender ATP for Linux is now generally available

Announcing Microsoft Defender ATP for Android

Microsoft Threat Protection advanced hunting cheat sheet

Improve the Effectiveness of your SOC with Office 365 ATP and the O365 Management API

Azure Security Center and Microsoft Defender ATP Integration

Protect SQL Servers Running On-Premises With Azure Security Center

Enable Adaptive Application Controls in Azure Security Center

Introducing event timeline – an innovative, new way to manage your security exposure

Creating a custom dashboard for Azure Security Center with Azure Resource Graph


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