Microsoft Cloud ve Datacenter Management Mayıs 2020 Bülten



SCOMathon is happening on June 16th, 2020!!!

Kevin Holman has SCOM MPs for Windows Server Backup and Remote Access

Ander Bengtsson provides a Kusto query to measure bandwidth with Azure Monitor

Daniel Metzger walks through the process of using Azure Update Management to automate on-premises server patching

Anoop C Nair shows how to collect SCCM client logs using the ConfigMgr console

Pete Bryan blogs about monitoring Zoom with Azure Sentinel


Billy York provides an Azure Sentinel Syslog workbook

Danny Guillory addresses common challenges with Cloud management gateways

Ken Wygant has a five-part blog on managing BitLocker with Configuration Manager

Charlotte Maguire and Julia Syi walk through how to setup Microsoft Managed Home Screen on dedicated devices in multi-app kiosk mode

Ross Smith IV discusses cross-account sharing improvements in Intune App Protection Policies

Natalia Mackevicius talks about Azure Stack updates and how it enables intelligence at the edge



Announcing the Evolution of Azure VMware Solution

Takeshi Numoto announces the preview of the next generation of Azure VMware Solution, designed, built, and supported by Microsoft and endorsed by VMware. The new Azure VMware Solution empowers customers to seamlessly extend or completely migrate their existing on-premises VMware applications to Azure without the cost, effort, or risk of re-architecting applications or retooling operations.

Enable Remote Work Faster With New Windows Virtual Desktop Capabilities

In the past few months, there has been a dramatic and rapid shift in the speed at which organizations of all sizes have enabled remote work amidst the global health crisis. Companies examining priorities and shifting resources with agility can help their employees stay connected from new locations and devices, allowing for business continuity essential to productivity.

We have seen thousands of organizations turn to Windows Virtual Desktop to help them quickly deploy remote desktops and apps on Azure for users all over the globe. The service and its new updates available today in preview will simplify getting started and enabling secure access to what users need each day.


SCOMathon 2020

SCOMathon is a virtual SCOM community conference, organized by SquaredUp, Cookdown and NiCE to enhance networking, knowledge and sharing of best practice across the global SCOM community.

Microsoft MVPs, SCOM experts, and SCOM customers will come together virtually to discuss all things SCOM, including: the latest updates, best practice tips, specific use case scenarios, and lessons learned during transition to SCOM 2019.


Announcing the General Availability of Azure Spot Virtual Machines

On May 12th we announced the general availability of Azure Spot Virtual Machines (VMs). Azure Spot VMs provide access to unused Azure compute capacity at deep discounts. Spot pricing is available on single VMs in addition to VM scale sets (VMSS). This enables you to deploy a broader variety of workloads on Azure while enjoying access to discounted pricing compared to pay-as-you-go rates. Spot VMs offer the same characteristics as a pay-as-you-go virtual machine, the differences being pricing and evictions. Spot VMs can be evicted at any time if Azure needs capacity.


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SCOMathon 2020

Windows Server Backup Management Pack

Windows Server Remote Access (RRAS) Management Pack for VPN and Direct Access

Security Monitoring 1.7.x

Delete a large number of agents in SCOM from a text file


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Inside Azure Management V4 Book Now Available

Using Azure Update Management to Automate On-Premises Server Patching

Measure bandwidth with Azure Monitor

Microsoft Azure Monitor Overview

Azure Monitor enhancements are now available

Azure Sentinel Syslog Workbook

Azure Monitor Logs—Concurrency query throttle is being rolled out

View and navigate through changes across multiple resources

Select multiple resources in Azure Monitor Logs

Azure Monitor for Containers is moving the health feature to limited preview

Azure Monitor Logs is now available in the US Gov Arizona region

Azure Monitor Logs Agent for Linux May 2020 release now available

I Have Azure Sentinel… Do I Need Azure Security Center?

Workspace-based Application Insights resources (preview)


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Use CMPivot to gather troubleshooting data from remote clients

Cloud management gateway: addressing common challenges

Update to the Configuration Manager Client Messaging SDK

Managing BitLocker with Configuration Manager: Preparation Part 1, Preparation Part 2, Deployment, Administration, Reporting

The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson episode 2005

Microsoft Endpoint Manager Technical Preview 2004 is out

Failed To Resolve Task Sequence Dependencies 0X80040102

FIX ConfigMgr Secondary Server Upgrade Issue

Console Connections | Admins Recently Connected ConfigMgr Console

Collecting ConfigMgr Client Logs to Azure Storage

Management Point Usage Report

How to Install a Power BI Report Server as a ConfigMgr Reporting Services Point

How to Match the Colors in a SSRS Chart and Table

Manage work devices at home during Covid-19 using Configuration Manager

Perform Monthly ConfigMgr Patch Cycle Work

Collect SCCM Client Logs Using ConfigMgr Console

CMG token based authentication with ConfigMgr 2002


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Microsoft Intune Feedback – Make your voice heard

What’s new in Microsoft Intune – May 2020

In development for Microsoft Intune – May 2020

Use shell scripts on macOS devices in Intune

How to protect your company app data with Microsoft Intune – May 2020

Microsoft Graph: androidDeviceOwnerEnrollmentProfile resource type

Microsoft Graph: Enroll corporate-owned devices by using Intune – May 2020

How to setup Microsoft Managed Home Screen on Dedicated devices in multi-app kiosk mode

Restricted website transitions in Microsoft Edge mobile

Support Tip: Intune Co-Managed Windows 10 Device Apps in Pending State

Cross-Account Sharing Improvements in App Protection Policies


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Migrate to Azure: Save now, be future ready

Use Azure Firewall for secure and cost-effective Windows Virtual Desktop protection

Azure Stack updates and how it enables intelligence at the edge

Announcing the general availability of Windows Server containers and private clusters for Azure Kubernetes Service

Microsoft announces next evolution of Azure VMware Solution

Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets now provide simpler management during scale-in

Announcing the general availability of Azure Spot Virtual Machines


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How Azure Backup Integrates With Azure File Sync – Part II

Cross Region Restore (CRR) for Azure Virtual Machines using Azure Backup

Manage and find data with Blob Index for Azure Storage—now in preview

Azure Blob Storage enhancing data protection and recovery capabilities


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Microsoft shares new threat intelligence, security guidance during global crisis

Monitoring Zoom with Azure Sentinel

Using Azure Playbooks to import text-based threat indicators to Azure Sentinel

Hunting Threats on Linux with Azure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel Sigma & SOC Prime Integration (Part 3)

Use the Azure blueprint for faster configuration of Zero Trust

Monitoring Windows Virtual Desktop environments

Monitor your Azure workload compliance with Azure Security Benchmark

Top 5 reasons organizations use OneDrive for data security

Empowering your remote workforce with end-user security awareness

Demystifying attack surface reduction rules – Part 4


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