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Aakash Basavaraj discusses some new Alert Management changes in SCOM 2019

Neha Garg blogs about new dashboards in the SCOM Management pack for Azure

Kevin Holman has a step-by-step for installing SCOM 2016 UR9

Billy York gives a great overview of Azure Monitor, Security Center & Sentinel

Anders Bengtsson provides guidance for scoping monitoring with Azure services

Rob York blogs about managing Patch Tuesday with Configuration Manager in a remote work world

Naveen Kanneganti walks us through ConfigMgr Bitlocker Management

Joe Zinn walks through configuring the MIM 2016 Microsoft Generic SQL Connector

John Joyner provide a great governance plan for managing overrides o\n Azure Monitor and Azure Sentinel Rules


Mihai Lucian Androne provides a guide for MEM admin center in-console support

Michael Hildebrand shows how to use Intune MAM to control Office Mobile Apps and Office

Corey Sanders covers some better ways to manage your Azure VM infrastructure

Corey Sanders shows how to deploy an Azure VM from Windows Admin Center

Jon Warnken shows how to use Azure Automation with multiple tenants

Preston Parsard walks through how to build an Azure Automation lab

Yaniv Shasha blogs about using the Azure Security Center API for Workflow Automation

Ofer Shezaf has a full course on becoming an Azure Sentinel Ninja

Nathan Gau updates the Security Monitoring MP for SCOM with Log Clearing and Suspicious User Activity Rules



Azure Government Secret Accredited at DoD IL6, ICD 503 with IaaS and PaaS

Azure Government Secret recently achieved Provisional Authorization (PA) at Department of Defense Impact Level 6 (IL6) and Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 503 with facilities at ICD 705. We’re also announcing a third region to enable even higher availability for national security missions to stay ahead of their unique threats.

Announcing General Availability of Incremental Snapshots of Managed Disks

We’re announcing the general availability of incremental snapshots of Azure Managed Disks. Incremental snapshots are a cost-effective, point-in-time backup of managed disks. Unlike current snapshots, which are billed for the full size, incremental snapshots are billed for the delta changes to disks since the last snapshot and are always stored on the most cost-effective storage, Standard HDD storage irrespective of the storage type of the parent disks. For additional reliability, incremental snapshots are stored on Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS) by default in regions that support ZRS.


Announcing Server-Side Encryption With Customer-Managed Keys for Azure Managed Disks

We’re announcing the general availability for server-side encryption (SSE) with customer-managed keys (CMK) for Azure Managed Disks. Azure customers already benefit from SSE with platform-managed keys for Managed Disks enabled by default. SSE with CMK improves on platform-managed keys by giving you control of the encryption keys to meet your compliance need.


How Remote Work Impacts Collaboration: Findings From Our Team

As COVID-19 has compelled millions of us to stay home, we’re learning so much about connecting and collaborating remotely. The Modern Workplace Transformation team—based right here in Washington—examines how remote work has changed their own collaboration habits. Read on for their fascinating findings.


Azure Government Releases 40+ New Services, Nearing Parity with Azure Commercial

In the last six months we’ve released more than 40 new services in Azure Government – along  with 101 total services now accredited at FedRAMP High – continuing our commitment to invest in Azure commercial parity and rapidly deliver new Azure Government capabilities to support mission needs across all data classifications.



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Changes in Alert Management of SCOM 2019

SCOM Management pack for Azure gets new dashboards

SCOM 2016: UR9 released

SCOM 2016 UR9 Step by Step

Webinar – How to Upgrade SCOM like a Champ!

Free edition of SquaredUp SCOM dashboards to support business continuity during COVID-19 crisis

Free 90 Day Alert Sync Pack now available to support business continuity during COVID-19 crisis

Security Monitoring: Update to Log Clearing Rules

Security Monitoring: Using SCOM to capture Suspicious User Activity

Windows Server 2016 Vuln that may affect your SCOM servers


SCOM 2019 In-Place Upgrade

Associate SCOM Data Warehouse Profile using PowerShell

SCOM: SQL Database Monitoring

SQL Agnostic Addendum MP

Configure Linux FluentD – part 1

OMSAgent FluentD debunked – Configure Linux FluentD – part2

Build you own FluentD logfile to test Alerts

SCOM upgrade DAS service fails and update hangs


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Azure Monitor Virtual Series

Azure Monitor for virtual machines is now generally available

Azure Monitor Application Insights is now in preview

Overview of Azure Monitor, Security Center & Sentinel

Scoping monitoring with Azure services

A Governance Plan for Managing Overrides to Azure Monitor and Azure Sentinel Rules

Inside Azure Management Book v3 Is Being Released for Preview

Mastering Application Performance Monitoring with Application Insights

Azure Monitor for containers now supports GPU monitoring on AKS GPU-enabled node pool

Export Azure Security Center Alerts And Recommendations To Azure Event Hubs

LogicApps Azure Monitor Workbook

Alerting in Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor Logs new create workspace experience

Using Azure Monitor source map support to debug JavaScript errors

Azure Monitor: Azure Service Health

Microsoft Azure Resource Graph is a Powerful Tool

MMA agent not connecting to Log Analytics

Custom views with view designer are migrating to Azure Monitor workbooks

Sharing dashboards and workbooks in the Azure Portal


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Update 2002 for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager current branch is now available

Managing Patch Tuesday with Configuration Manager in a remote work world

Onboard clients to Microsoft Defender ATP using MEMAC and ConfigMgr Technical Preview 2003

SCCM: Housekeeping Collections

SCCM Agent Duplicate GUID issues and multiple computer Certificates

Delaying the End of Support Date for Configuration Manager current branch version 1810

ConfigMgr 2002 List of New Features Enhancements

Mastering Configuration Manager Bandwidth limitations for VPN connected Clients

 ConfigMgr Bitlocker Management

Cloud Management Gateway Choices

Application Groups in MEMCM 2002

Enable Tenant Attach in ConfigMgr with Microsoft Endpoint Manager for device upload and remote actions

Use Power Automate to Extend Microsoft Endpoint Manager Application Approvals

Managing remote machines with cloud management gateway in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager

Goodbye MBAM – BitLocker Management in Configuration Manager – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Use CMPivot to gather troubleshooting data from remote clients

Support tip: A guide for MEM admin center in-console support and tips for opening support tickets

Using Microsoft Endpoint Manager with Google Play Pre-Production Tracks for Pre-Release Testing


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What’s new in Microsoft Intune – April 2020

In development for Microsoft Intune – April 2020

Azure Active Directory Premium P1 is coming to Microsoft 365 Business

Use Intune MAM to Control Office Mobile Apps and Office

Configuring the MIM 2016 Microsoft Generic SQL Connector

Assign Office 365 to macOS devices with Microsoft Intune

Add an iOS line-of-business app to Microsoft Intune

Add Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 to Microsoft Intune

Add Microsoft Edge to macOS devices using Microsoft Intune 

App configuration policies for Microsoft Intune

How to wipe only corporate data from Intune-managed apps

Selectively wipe data using app protection policy conditional launch actions in Intune

Known Issue: Conditional access unexpectedly blocking macOS 10.15.4 native mail client/other apps

Support Tip: Intune Diagnostics on Android is now available

Support Tip: Updates to Microsoft Defender ATP baseline

App Protection Policies and Shared/Delegate Mailboxes with Outlook mobile


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Update #2 on Microsoft cloud services continuity

Azure Dedicated Host: New capabilities and benefits

General availability of new Azure disk sizes and bursting

Better ways to manage your Azure VM Infrastructure

How To Deploy an Azure VM From Windows Admin Center

Virtual machine scale sets—Automatic image upgrades for custom images

Premium Files and Blob Storage now available in Azure Government

Docker Linux Container running on Windows Server 2019

Microsoft partners with the industry to unlock new 5G scenarios with Azure Edge Zones

ONLINE EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT – Microsoft event: Windows Virtual Desktop – 28th of April, 2020

Windows Virtual Desktop technical deployment (and expansion) walkthrough

Learn how to increase the security level of your Windows Virtual Desktop environment


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Using Azure Automation with Multiple Tenants

How to Build an Azure Automation Lab

Azure Automation is now available in the US Gov Arizona region in preview

Using Azure Security Center API for Workflow Automation

Automate Continuous Export For Azure Security Center With Azure Policy

Migrate SQL workloads to the cloud with confidence

Use hyperscale for your most demanding cloud-born workloads 

Emergency Response solution: A Microsoft Power Platform solution for healthcare emergency response 

Workflow automation with Logic Apps


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Azure EA Portal – Account Owner must be Unique

Join the Kubernetes Release Team: learn from and give back to the community

ConfigMgr Bitlocker Management


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Azure Security Center enhancements

Become an Azure Sentinel Ninja

Protecting your data and maintaining compliance in a remote work environment

Security guidance for remote desktop adoption

Microsoft shares new threat intelligence, security guidance during global crisis

Demystifying attack surface reduction rules – Part 1

M365 Privacy and Security in Microsoft Teams

Improve virtual meetings and bring consultations online with M365

Microsoft Defender ATP can help you secure your remote workforce

Creating digital tripwires with custom threat intelligence feeds for Azure Sentinel

Controlling access to Azure Sentinel Data: Resource RBAC

Enriching Azure Sentinel with Azure AD information

Azure Sentinel Sigma & SOC Prime Integration (Part 2)

Help for Security Operations Centers facing new challenges

Protecting your Teams with Azure Sentinel

Combined MFA and password reset registration is now generally available

Protecting your organization with Microsoft 365 Business setup

Threat & Vulnerability Management APIs are now generally available

Connecting Azure Container Registry with Azure Security Center

Azure Security Center, Suspicious processes and JIT access

Advanced integrations with export of Security Center recommendations and alerts

Full Operational Shutdown—another cybercrime case from the Microsoft Detection and Response Team

Protect Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) With Azure Security Center


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