System Center Haziran 2019 Bülten



Kevin Holman shows how to transition to the SQL Version Agnostic MP

Silect MP Studio Version 9 is available

Daniel Örneling walks through the available Azure Monitor data sources

Adin Ermie has a 4-part blog on Log Analytics vs Azure Metrics: Part 1 Introduction, Part 2 Log Analytics, Part 3 Azure Metrics, Part 4 Conclusion

Billy York blogs about working with time in Log Analytics

The SCCM Team shows how to group applications into a single deployment in Technical Preview 1905

Charbel Nemnom blogs about the Azure File Sync Antivirus Compatibility Test Suite


Betty Jia shows how to configure workloads in a co-managed SCCM environment

Kevin Greene shares a SCOM 2019 Prerequisites Script

Umair Khan walks through ConfigMgr DRS Synchronization Internals

Steve Rachui has a 2-part video series on ConfigMgr Caching: Part 1: Peer Caching, Part 2: Peer Caching and OSD

Mayunk Jain announces the availability of the Microsoft Intune customer adoption pack

Tao Yang blogs about a simple dynamic DNS solution based on Azure PaaS services

David Armour posts part nine and part ten of his Azure Stack IaaS series



Customers get unmatched security with Windows Server and SQL Server workloads in Azure

Customers such as AllscriptsChevronJ.B. Hunt, and thousands of others are migrating their important workloads to Azure where they find unmatched security. While understanding cloud security is initially a concern to many, after digging in, customers often tell us the security posture they can set up within Azure is easier to implement and far more comprehensive than what they can provide for in other environments.

Azure blueprints and compliance on Azure Government

In this episode of the Azure Government video series, Steve Michelotti, principal program manager, Microsoft Azure Government, talks with Alex Frankel, program manager on the Azure Governance team, about Azure Blueprints and compliance on Azure Government.


25 reasons to choose Azure Stack HCI

At the Windows Server Summit in May, Cosmos Darwin and Greg Cusanza from the Windows Server team presented a lightning round all about hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) powered by Windows Server. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the event, check out the recording of the live stream and deep dive sessions by registering online. It’s quick and free. Here are the 25 things they presented in the lightning round.


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How to transition to the SQL Version Agnostic MP

SCOM 2019 Prerequisites Script

Delete SCOM Network Devices using PowerShell

Automate SQL Express Instance removal from SCOM with PowerShell

SCOM Troubleshooting – Missing Reports

Set Resolution State through SCOM REST API

MP Studio Version 9

NiCE VMware MP 5.10 released

Microsoft System Center Management Packs (Community Technology Preview) for SQL Server 2008-2016 Analysis Services

Lenovo XClarity Integrator Hardware Management Pack

Released: Public Preview for SSRS and SSAS 2008-2016 Management Packs (

SQL Monitoring failed – Error after installing SCOM MP 7.0.15 for MS SQL


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Virtual machine scale set insights from Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor AIOps alerts with Dynamic Thresholds is now generally available

Azure Monitor for Containers – Updates on Windows AKS Support, UI enhancement, and Node Storage Capacity

Application Insights connector will retire on June 30,2019

Looking at the available Azure Monitor data sources

Working with Time in Log Analytics

Install the Azure Portal app (Preview) to manage your Azure resources

Microsoft Azure Alert Configuration Playbook

Three ways to get notified about Azure service issues

Monitoring on Azure HDInsight Part 3: Performance and resource utilization

Log Analytics Agent for Linux 1.10 now available

Measuring Metrics: Log Analytics vs Azure Metrics – Part 1 Introduction

Measuring Metrics: Log Analytics vs Azure Metrics – Part 2 Log Analytics

Measuring Metrics: Log Analytics vs Azure Metrics – Part 3 Azure Metrics

Measuring Metrics: Log Analytics vs Azure Metrics – Part 4 Conclusion

Microsoft Azure Central Monitoring for your Team Dashboards

Create Custom Log Analytics logs with LogicApps

Installing and Maintaining Azure Kubernetes Cluster with Multi Pool Nodes (Preview)


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System Center Configuration Manager Feedback – Make your voice heard

Group applications into a single deployment in ConfigMgr Technical Preview 1905

Updating Windows 10, version 1903 using Configuration Manager or WSUS

Filter apps deployed to devices in ConfigMgr Technical Preview 1906

Microsoft Intune for SCCM Admins Part 1

Windows 10 ADK Versions Plus SCCM Support Scenarios

Configuring workloads in a co-managed environment

ConfigMgr DRS Synchronization Internals

Updating User GPOs using Run Script in ConfigMgr

Fix SCCM OSD Error Code 0xc0000098

SCCM Configmgr collection SQL identify duplicate computer records with different GUID

System Center Updates Publisher June 2019 Preview is now available

Speculative Execution Configuration Baseline updated for Microarchitectural Data Sampling CVEs

Peer Caching and OSD – Part 2 Caching! Understanding the options

Peer Caching – Part 1 Caching! Understanding the options


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Microsoft Intune customer adoption pack is now available

Prioritize user investigations in Cloud App Security

Simplified iOS device management with Microsoft’s Intune for Education

Support Tip: Intune legacy PC agent stops working on PCs updated to Windows 10, version 1903

Known issue: Provisioning error on Wi-Fi for Azure AD joined Windows 10 version 1903

Known Issue: iOS 12.2+ Terms and Conditions

Support Tip: AE Work Profile Device + Wi-Fi Profile “Error” when Using Device-Based Certs

Support Tip: Take Action to Ensure MSfB Apps deployed through Intune Install on Windows 10 1903

Use existing automation account for automatic updates of the Mobility service


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A Simple Dynamic DNS Solution Based on Azure PaaS Services

Virtual machine memory allocation and placement on Azure Stack

Azure Stack IaaS – part nine

Azure Stack IaaS – part ten

Get The List of Network Security Groups With RDP Port Open Using Azure Cloud Shell

Azure Shared Image Gallery now generally available

Installing and Maintaining Azure Kubernetes Cluster with Multi Pool Nodes (Preview)

How to create a VM without knowing PowerShell or CLI


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June 2019 security update release

Introducing Azure File Sync Antivirus Compatibility Test Suite

Microsoft Teams: Security & Compliance

A Reminder to Update Your Systems to Prevent a Worm

Discover Shadow IT across IaaS and PaaS with Microsoft’s CASB

4 best practices to help you integrate security into DevOps

Advancing Windows 10 as a passwordless platform

Azure Security Expert Series: Best practices from Ann Johnson

Demystifying Password Hash Sync

Ensuring security of your Microsoft Teams apps with Microsoft Cloud App Security

How to recover from a security breach

Installing Microsoft Identity Manager 2016–Part 1

Installing Microsoft Identity Manager 2016–Part 2

Lessons learned from the Microsoft SOC Part 2b: Career paths and readiness

New Azure ATP Webinars

Securing the hybrid cloud with Azure Security Center and Azure Sentinel

The evolution of Microsoft Threat Protection, June update

Uncovering Linux based cyberattack using Azure Security Center


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