Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 HyperV Driver Desteği

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 sürümünün içerisinde HyperV ile ilgili driver’lar entegre geliyor. Bu sayede aşağıdaki özellikler hiç bir işlem yapmadan kullanılabilir durumda.

  1. Driver support: Linux Integration Services supports the network controller and the IDE and SCSI storage controllers that were developed specifically for Hyper-V.
  2. Fastpath Boot Support for Hyper-V: Boot devices now take advantage of the block Virtualization Service Client (VSC) to provide enhanced performance.
  3. Timesync: The clock inside the virtual machine will remain accurate by synchronizing to the clock on the virtualization server via Timesync service, and with the help of the pluggable time source device.
  4. Integrated Shutdown: Virtual machines running Linux can be shut down from either Hyper-V Manager or System Center Virtual Machine Manager by using the “Shut down” command.
  5. Heartbeat: This feature allows the Hyper-V to detect whether the virtual machine is running and responsive.
  6. Key Value Pair (KVP) Exchange: Information about the running Linux virtual machine can be obtained by using the Key Value Pair exchange functionality on the Hyper-V host.
  7. Integrated Mouse Support: Linux Integration Services provides full mouse support for Linux guest virtual machines.

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