Microsoft Cloud ve Datacenter Management Mart 2021 Bülten



Kevin Holman provides information about the SCOM 2019 Post UR2 Security Hotfix

Billy York shows how to use Azure Application Change Analysis

Bhavna Appayya blogs about securing infrastructure monitoring with SCOM

Danny Kadyshevitch shows how to protect your Power BI instance using Microsoft Cloud App

Ankur Gupta discusses improvements in reliability of SCOM Linux monitoring

Barbara Forbes joins April Edwards to discuss her approach to learning ARM templates

Anoop C. Nair shows how to remove a ConfigMgr package from multiple DPs at the same time


Steve Rachui has a video tutorial on OSD Task Sequence Bootstrapping

Anders Bengtsson shows how to trigger a runbook based on an Azure Monitor alert

Thomas Maurer walks through the new hotpatch feature for Windows Server Azure VMs

Niall C. Brady blogs about improvements to BitLocker support via cloud management gateway

Preeti Krishna announces 30+ New Azure Sentinel Data Connectors

Charbel Nemnom shows how to sync between two Azure file shares for disaster recovery

Luke Ramsdale walks through troubleshooting BitLocker from the Endpoint Manager admin center



Advancing failure prediction and mitigation—introducing Narya

Project Narya is a holistic, end-to-end prediction and mitigation service—named after the “ring of fire” from Lord of the Rings, known to resist the weariness of time. Narya is designed not only to predict and mitigate Azure host failures but also to measure the impact of its mitigation actions and to use an automatic feedback loop to intelligently adjust its mitigation strategy.


Choose the landing zone for your cloud adoption journey

Regardless of where you are hosting your workloads, there are certain components you need to support those workloads. If you think of the on-premises world, when you start a new datacenter, you need to ensure you have things like electricity, cooling, networking, and physical security before you can start to really install any of your servers or workloads. When you are hosting your workloads in the cloud, there are certain things you need to start installing on your servers or workloads like networking, monitoring, identity and access management, and subscription and tenant creation. When putting workloads in the cloud, you should also think about things like compliance and security needs, as well as your disaster and backup plans. They don’t always need to be there from the start depending on the organizations’ needs, but thinking about them can certainly help your journey go much more smoothly. And that’s what a landing zone is, it helps you think about and build that foundation you need for hosting your workloads in Azure.


Announcing preview of Azure Trusted Launch for virtual machines

Azure customers can prevent bootkit and rootkit infections by enabling Azure Trusted Launch for their virtual machines. Trusted Launch allows administrators to deploy virtual machines with verified and signed bootloaders, OS kernels, and a boot policy that leverages the Trusted Launch Virtual Trusted Platform Module (vTPM) to measure and attest to whether the boot was compromised. The vTPM measurements give administrators visibility into the integrity of the entire boot process, and vTPM release policies ensure that keys, certificates, and secrets aren’t accessible to compromised virtual machines.


Include 2021 – Watch On Demand

Include 2021 is part of our ongoing diversity & inclusion journey and our work to build a more inclusive culture. To continue the work, visit and share the public-facing Inclusion Journey site for more Stories of us, expert perspectives, and learning courses.  If you missed some of the sessions or want to revisit your favorite content, don’t worry. Public, Day 1 content is available here (free registration required for those not already registered for the event). We’re grateful to everyone who chose to take the time to participate in Include 2021. We’ve got a long way to go, but together we can make lasting change.


Microsoft Ignite Sessions and Highlights

Our commitment to expand Azure Availability Zones to more regions

Accelerating Department of Defense mission workloads with Azure

New Azure region coming to China in 2022


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Azure Unblogged – Azure Arc Jumpstart Project

Windows Server 2022 Insider Preview Build 10.0.20298 Available

How and why to learn about ARM templates

Hotpatch for Windows Server Azure virtual machines VMs

Log in with RDP to a Windows Azure VM using Azure AD

IP Address Management in Enterprise Scale Landing Zones – Part 2

How to Deploy Azure SQL Anywhere – Using Azure Arc for Data Services

Audit server settings with Azure Policy Guest Configuration

Better Active Directory Reporting with PowerShell

How to run scripts against multiple Azure VMs by using Run Command

Manage your Azure resources using automation tasks

Map a File Server Name to Azure File Share With DFS-N


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SCOM 2019 Post UR2 Security Hotfix information

SCOMathon is back for 2021!

Webinar: Microsoft launches new M365 Management Pack for Office 365

Secure your Infrastructure Monitoring with SCOM

Improvement in reliability of SCOM Linux monitoring – Agents randomly going grey

Security Update to SCOM 2019



Monitor your SQL deployments with SQL insights (preview)

Monitor your hybrid network with Network insights

Azure Application Change Analysis

What’s new in Azure Monitor

Trigger a runbook based on an Azure Monitor alert, and pass alert data to the runbook

Azure Workbooks – Save as PDF (Print)

Enhanced Dashboard experiences for Azure Monitor Log Analytics

Azure Monitor: Workbooks Auto Refresh!

General availability: Azure monitor for containers now supports Pods & Replica set live logs in AKS resource view

General availability of Persistent Volume monitoring & Reports tab in Container Insights

General availability: Application insights no-code enablement on Node.js Linux App Service Environments


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Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager Feedback

Add reports as favorites in Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2102

Download baselines from Community hub in Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2103

Task Sequence Bootstrapping – OSD Video Tutorial: Part 26

How to Remove ConfigMgr Package from Multiple DPs at the Same Time

Update Edge source files in MEMCM using PowerShell

Audit messages for software update deployments in Configuration Manager

Improvements to BitLocker support via cloud management gateway

ConfigMgr CMPivot Query to Find Clients not Part of Any Boundary Groups

Prepare for HTTP-only client communication depreciation in ConfigMgr

Configuration Manager Collections and Collection Evaluation Viewer

ConfigMgr Server Side Bandwidth Management Options



Microsoft Intune Feedback – Make your voice heard

What’s new in Microsoft Intune – March 2021

In development for Microsoft Intune – March 2021

Microsoft Graph permissions reference – March 2021

Troubleshooting BitLocker from the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center

Intune Public Preview – Windows 10 Device diagnostics

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint risk signals available for your App protection policies (preview)

Support Tip: Connecting Adobe and OneDrive for Business

Enforce compliance for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint with Conditional Access in Intune

Configure tenant attach to support endpoint security policies from Intune

Manage BitLocker policy for Windows 10 in Intune

March Intune Update Arriving With ‘Conditional Access’ Support


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Guidance for responders: Investigating and remediating on-premises Exchange Server vulnerabilities – Microsoft Security Response Center

What CISOs can learn from big breaches: Focus on the root causes

Microsoft commitment to close security skills gap

Microsoft Federal Collaboration and Cybersecurity Summit

Protecting on-premises Exchange Servers against recent attacks

Google fixes Chrome zeroday bug exploited in the wild

Migrate advanced hunting from Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to Microsoft 365 Defender

Identity at Microsoft Ignite: Strengthening Zero Trust defenses in the era of hybrid work

4 ways Microsoft is delivering security for all in a Zero Trust world



Microsoft Ignite 2021: What’s New in Azure Sentinel

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) in Azure Sentinel

New Resources for Azure Sentinel Automation Rules – Azure Cloud & AI Domain Blog

30+ New Azure Sentinel Data Connectors

What’s new: Azure Sentinel and Microsoft 365 Defender

Visibility of Azure key vault activity in Sentinel Azure Key Vault Workbook

Monitoring the Software Supply Chain with Azure Sentinel



ASC – Security Control: Encrypt data in transit

Microsoft Cloud App Security update: March 2021

Prevent sophisticated attacks: Microsoft Cloud App Security and Microsoft 365 Defender

Protect your Power BI instance using Microsoft Cloud App

Microsoft Ignite 2021: Blob and File Storage Investigations


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Built-in backup management at scale with Backup center

Sync Between Two Azure File Shares for Disaster Recovery

Create a Recovery Services vault with advanced options

Automate Failback for SQL AlwaysOn Availability Group

What’s new in System Center 2019 Data Protection Manager

Protecting Azure Blobs using Azure Backup


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