Microsoft Cloud ve Datacenter Management Haziran 2021 Bülten



Thomas Maurer walks through Azure Cloud Adoption Framework for Hybrid and Multicloud Scenarios

Warren Kahn discusses when to use SCOM vs Azure Monitor

Hugh Scott introduces a SCOM Alert Management Pack

Alain Dormehl shows how to set up Azure Monitor for SQL Insights

Shayoni Seth announces the general availability of the Azure Monitor Agent

Steve Rachui has new video tutorials on Configuration Manager integration with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Exploit Guard, and Application Guard


Steve Thomas walks through a framework for Windows endpoint management transformation

Pallavi Joshi shows how to auto assign scope tags to devices based on their region

Debabrata Pati shows how to deploy Powershell scripts using Intune

Charbel Nemnom blogs about using Watchlist in Azure Sentinel

Nayef Yassin announces 15+ new Azure Sentinel Data Connectors

Derrick Kimani discusses automating and managing Azure AD tasks at scale with the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK



New Azure capabilities to simplify deployment and management

Customers around the world take advantage of Microsoft Azure to build, deploy, and manage business-critical applications at scale. We continuously innovate to help customers simplify their app deployment and management experience so they can spend more time building great solutions. On May 26th, we announced several additional Azure infrastructure capabilities to help achieve this goal.


Azure at Microsoft Build recap: build amazing things on your terms, anywhere

At digital Microsoft Build 2021, we announced a host of new capabilities that help developers create intelligent, connected, and secure cloud-native apps that harness the power of data and AI and run anywhere. Below are the key stories we landed this week at Microsoft Build, with ways to explore for more details.


5 reasons to attend the Azure Hybrid and Multicloud Digital Event

Now’s the time to register for the free Azure Hybrid and Multicloud Digital Event on Tuesday, June 29, 2021, from 9:00 AM–11:00 AM Pacific Time, delivered in partnership with Intel. Join us to learn how to be more productive and agile with hybrid and multicloud solutions from Azure.


Azure Virtual Desktop: The flexible cloud VDI platform for the hybrid workplace

Going forward, organizations will need to support an evolving set of remote and hybrid work scenarios. To help our customers and partners meet these new hybrid work demands, we are expanding our vision to become a flexible cloud VDI platform for nearly any use case—accessible from virtually anywhere. A modern VDI platform needs to be secure, scalable, and easy to manage, while delivering a seamless, high-performance experience to end users. It should also empower organizations with the flexibility to customize and build solutions with its core technology.

To support this broader vision and the changing needs of our customers, today we are announcing new capabilities, new pricing for app streaming, and changing the name of the Windows Virtual Desktop service to Azure Virtual Desktop.


Cybersecurity challenged to meet diversity goals

Organizations often know they need to identify and address their cybersecurity blind spots. They also know the technology exists to help them do that. However, they don’t often understand how to communicate this need within their organization to justify the expense, nor do they know how to share with employees how they may be impacted.


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Learn Azure Your Way Pt. 2

Windows Admin Center version 2103.2 is now generally available

Advisor Clinic: Rightsize your Azure Virtual Machines

Automatic VM Activation for Windows Server in Windows Admin Center

Azure Cloud Adoption Framework for Hybrid and Multicloud Scenarios

From Server 2012 to AKS with Azure Migrate

What is Serverless and why is it so popular now?

Run cloud-native apps on Azure PaaS anywhere

AzureArc Services with Docker for Windows Kubernetes Cluster for Testing

Azure Arc Jumpstart ArcBox


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SCOMathon June 2021 sessions

SCOM vs Azure Monitor

New SQL MP Public Preview

New SCOM Management Pack for Microsoft 365 – CTP Release

Microsoft Releases Workaround for RC4 Installer Bug

Monitoring Ubuntu 20/Debian 10/Oracle Linux 8 in SCOM 2019 UR3

SCOM Alert Management Pack: Overview

SCOM Alert Management Pack: Alert Ownership

SCOM Alert Management Pack: Alert Storm Mitigation

SCOM Alert Management Pack: Alert Workflows

Vote up UserVoice request to update the SCOM installer for gMSA

Adding Support for Latest Linux OS in SCOM 2019 UR3

Update on Security Monitoring and UR3


What’s new in Azure Monitor @ Build 2021

Announcing Log Analytics Workspace Insights (preview)

A powerful agent for Azure Monitor and a simpler world of data collection; now generally available!

Log Analytics Query packs

How to Set up Azure Monitor for SQL Insights

Pricing changes to Azure Sentinel and Azure Monitor to help you reduce costs

Azure Monitor Insights for Arc enabled Kubernetes Clusters anywhere

Log Analytics workspace overview status property is live

Query Audit data in Azure SQL Database using Kusto Query Language

General availability: Application Insights Node.js pre-aggregated standard metrics

Public preview: Alerts based smart detection for Application Insights

Public preview: Export Azure Monitor logs to multiple destinations

Public preview: Easily onboard Application Insights for Java apps on Azure App Services

Public preview: Syslog event collection from Azure Monitor Agent for Linux distros

Azure IoT Edge integration with Azure Monitor is now in public preview


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Use Windows Update native experience with Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2105.2

Video Tutorial: Endpoint Protection Part 5 – Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Policies – Microsoft Tech Community

Video Tutorial: Endpoint Protection Part 6 – Windows Defender Exploit Guard – Microsoft Tech Community

Video Tutorial: Endpoint Protection Part 7 – Windows Defender Application Guard policies

How to use SCCM Cloud Management Gateway bulk registration token

A framework for Windows endpoint management transformation

Using Scripts to trigger software updates remotely from the SCCM console

Enable Binary Differential Replication in SCCM

How to Deploy Support Center Using SCCM

Easiest Option to Upgrade to Latest Version of Windows 10 21H1

Fix SCCM MP Installation Failed mp_ccmConfig_Defaults MOF file Couldn’t be Compiled Error

SCCM Catalogs for Third-Party Software Updates

Deploy Dot Net Framework 3.5 using ConfigMgr

Customize and Deploy Adobe Acrobat Reader using SCCM


Microsoft Intune Feedback – Make your voice heard

What’s new in Microsoft Intune – June 2021

In development for Microsoft Intune – June 2021

Microsoft Graph permissions reference – June 2021

Proactive Remediations – Getting your message across with repeated Toast Notifications

Disable Internet Explorer Using Intune

MEM Intune: Create Assignment Filters for Azure Virtual Desktop Single Session Windows 10 | AVD

Best Way to Deploy Powershell Script using Intune

Microsoft Endpoint Manager RBAC – Auto assign scope tags to devices based on their region

Bulk join a Windows device to Azure AD and Microsoft Endpoint Manager using a provisioning package

Support Tip: Intune service discovery API endpoint will require specific permissions

Announcing Microsoft Tunnel Gateway GA and Defender for Endpoint with Tunnel client functionality


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Microsoft Virtual Security and Compliance Summit 2021

Video | Better together for US government: Azure Security Center + Azure Sentinel

Announcing 15+ New Azure Sentinel Data Connectors

How to Use Watchlist in Azure Sentinel

Detect a Brute Force Attack with Azure Sentinel

Announcing Exciting Updates to Attack Simulation Training

Behind the scenes of business email compromise: Using cross-domain threat data to disrupt a large BEC campaign

BREACH vulnerability

Azure Sentinel PowerShell Module Az.SecurityInsights has been released to GA

Monitoring Microsoft Security Posture in Azure Sentinel

Azure Defender for Key Vault in Azure Security Center

Azure Defender for App Service in Azure Security Center

Microsoft Defender for Identity Experiences

New threat & vulnerability management APIs – create reports, automate, integrate

Record Confidential Transaction Logs with Azure Confidential Ledger

Setting up a New Phish Simulation Program – Part Two


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Conditional Access authentication context now in public preview

Build 2021: Build Zero Trust-ready apps with the Microsoft identity platform

How user experience is shaping verifiable credentials and identity

Automate and manage Azure AD tasks at scale with the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK

Securely collaborate with guests using Azure AD guest access reviews

Update your applications with the Microsoft Authentication Library and Microsoft Graph

Have you updated your applications to use the Microsoft Authentication Library and Microsoft Graph?

Introducing Azure AD access reviews for service principals


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