Microsoft Cloud ve Datacenter Management Mayıs 2022 Bülten



Thomas Maurer shares a “Learn Live” introduction to Azure Arc

Paul Robinson walks through passwordless RDP with Windows Hello for Business

Kevin Holman provides a SCOM 2022 QuickStart Deployment Guide

Warren Kahn walks through configuring Azure Managed Grafana

Tim McFadden releases an Azure Maintenance Mode Scheduler

Anders Bengtsson provides an Azure Workbook Template

The Intune Support Team shows how to apply Intune app protection policies to the Microsoft Lists app for Android


Chris Vetter shows how to remove duplicate device objects from Configuration Manager with PowerShell

Koby Mymon announces new content for continuous monitoring for GitHub using Microsoft Sentinel

Gunjan Jain shares updates and new features for Azure Web Application Firewall

Alex Simons announces account switching for Microsoft 365 web apps

Samuel Devasahayam shares new capabilities to migrate apps on AD FS to Azure AD

Jitesh Kumar shows how to create app categories in Intune Company Portal

Balasubramanian Delli introduces organizing Automatic Deployment rules in Configuration Manager TP 2204



Jumpstart threat intelligence programs with the Microsoft Sentinel Threat Intelligence Workbook

We’re releasing the next evolution of the Microsoft Sentinel Threat Intelligence Workbook. This solution provides enhanced capabilities in indicator ingestion and indicator search, empowering organizations to centralize and correlate threat data across their workloads and operationalize these insights for investigation and response. As a result, this workbook serves as a starting point for building threat intelligence programs.


Manage Red Hat workloads seamlessly on Azure

Every year, Red Hat Summit features inspirational and actionable content, industry-shaping news, and innovative practices from customers and partners. From hybrid cloud, containers, and cloud-native app platforms to management, automation, and more, speakers from around the world, across industries, and sectors join to share how they’re using open tools to build better solutions for themselves and their customers. Microsoft is proud to sponsor and participate in Red Hat Summit 2022 which brings together communities who are passionate about open source in the enterprise.


Announcing Azure DNS Private Resolver: Now in preview

Azure Private DNS Resolver enables you to query Azure Private DNS Zones from an on-premises environment and vice versa without provisioning IaaS-based DNS solutions. Customers will no longer need to provision IaaS-based solutions on their virtual networks to resolve names registered on Azure Private DNS Zones and will be able to do conditional forwarding of domains back to on-premises, across multicloud providers, and public DNS servers.

Customers will also be able to manage their DNS settings at a Virtual Network level in a very simplified way by linking rules to each of their Virtual Networks and enabling conditional forwarding at scale


Microsoft and AT&T demonstrate 5G-powered video analytics

In November 2021, Microsoft and AT&T announced the launch of Azure public MEC (multi-access edge compute) with a site in Atlanta, Georgia. The Azure public MEC solution enables low-latency applications at the edge of the mobile operator’s network, providing Azure compute services integrated with 5G connectivity. Azure public MEC is designed to run AI and machine learning workloads that require intensive compute and low latency network. The access to these resources is over high-quality 5G connections from phones, smart cameras, IoT devices, and other equipment. Enterprises and developers can build and run these low-latency applications and manage their workloads using the same tools they are using to run applications in the Azure public cloud. 

To light up new compelling applications with Azure public MEC that benefit from low latency 5G connectivity, we are making available a video analytics library under the umbrella of Edge Video Services.


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Learn Live – Introduction to Azure Stack (on-demand)

Learn Live – Introduction to Azure Arc

Passwordless RDP with Windows Hello for Business

Introduction to Network Trace Analysis Part 0: Laying the groundwork

Announcing Azure DNS Private Resolver: Now in preview

Install System Center 2022 Data Protection Manager on Windows Server 2022 and SQL Server 2019

Data Storage for Better Business Decision Making

Get The List of Installed Patches on Azure VMs


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SCOM 2022 – QuickStart Deployment Guide

Custom SQL Management Pack Invoke-SqlCmd Exception

Multiple Service Monitoring: Management Pack


Activity Logs Insights (Preview)

Azure Managed Grafana

Azure Maintenance Mode Scheduler

Azure Monitor: Expanding the Out-of-the-Box observability for your IT infrastructure

Simplified Log Analytics Table Management

Generally available: IT Service Management Integration with secure webhook

% Free Space for Linux and Windows servers

Workbook Template

How to Monitor Azure Storage Account Data

Set up Security Alerts with Azure Service Health

Azure Data Factory monitoring improvements

Microsoft Build: How do you Get Started using Azure Monitor?


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Removing Duplicate Device Objects from Configuration Manager with PowerShell

Organize Automatic Deployment rules in Configuration Manager TP 2204

Top 10 Most Used Community Right Click Tools for ConfigMgr

Who Deleted Application from SCCM Audit Reports Best Method to Track

Create SCCM Package Deployment using PowerShell

How to Change SCCM Package Maximum Run Time

ConfigMgr 2203 Known Issues and Fixes

KB13953025 First Hotfix for SCCM 2203 Released

Troubleshoot WSUS Connection Issues with SCCM

How to Retire an Application in SCCM

Download ConfigMgr builds while the evalcenter links are fixed

MECM Client Installation Troubleshooting

SCCM Resource Explorer Deep Dive Helps to Troubleshoot and Fix Issues


What’s new in Microsoft Intune – May 2022

In development for Microsoft Intune – May 2022

Microsoft Graph permissions reference – May 2022

Intune Support Team – Twitter Feed

Intune Product-Feedback Portal

Support Tip: Apply Intune app protection policies to the Microsoft Lists app for Android

Deploy Progressive Web App PWAs Using Intune

Allow Unlicensed Admin to Access Intune

Intune App Installation Status Report

Turn Off Automatic Learning Handwriting Feature using Intune

Intune Device Action Status Report | Endpoint Manager

Create App Categories in Intune Company Portal

Windows Update for Business Patching using Intune | WUfB Patching Process

Deploy Windows Update Offline Using Intune

Intune Support for Multi-Session Windows Server OS Version | AVD Workloads

How to upgrade the Intune certificate connector

Creating device groups for Autopilot

Tutorial: Use Autopilot to enroll Windows devices in Intune


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Announcing the Microsoft Sentinel: NIST SP 800-53 Solution

Microsoft Sentinel – Continuous Threat Monitoring for GitHub New OOTB Content

Microsoft Sentinel for SAP News – Dynamic SAP Security Audit Log Monitor feature available now!

Securing Defense Industrial Base workloads with the Microsoft Sentinel: CMMC 2.0 Solution

Intelligent application protection from edge to cloud with Azure Web Application Firewall

Microsoft announces new collaboration with Red Button for attack simulation testing

Download Windows 11 Security E-book


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Permissions Management Terms and their Impact in Multicloud Environments

Announcing account switching for Microsoft 365 web apps!

New capabilities that empower you to migrate more of your apps on AD FS to Azure AD

Expansion of FIDO standard and new updates for Microsoft passwordless solutions

Expanding the public preview of verifiable credentials

Generate strong passwords with Microsoft Authenticator​

New: Require reauthentication for Intune enrollment or risk

Strengthen your security posture with new Azure AD partner integrations

Building API-first solutions that aid modern Zero Trust infrastructure


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