Microsoft Cloud ve Datacenter Management Haziran 2022 Bülten



Thomas Maurer shows how to set up single-node Azure Stack HCI

Kevin Holman goes through the UR4 for SCOM 2019 install

Anthony Watherston walks through reconciling Tag Names across Azure

Tyson Paul walks through the new Workflow Analyzer v2 for SCOM

What’s new in Azure Monitor documentation

Anders Bengtsson provides some custom availability monitoring

Debabrata Pati provides a PowerShell script to add or modify Group Tag of Autopilot devices in Intune


Jitesh Kumar shows how to get application version details from Intune

Brad Watts shows how to send Microsoft Defender for Cloud logs to Azure Data Explorer

Alex Simons announces the public preview of access reviews for AAD inactive users

Eliran Azulai shows what’s new in Azure Firewall

Kristina Hotz announces the ability to create “nested” groups with Azure AD dynamic groups

Jonas Ohmsen shows how to semi-automate ConfigMgr firewall settings

Benoit Lecours walks through deploying Windows 11 using Configuration Manager



New Azure Skilling Guides

New to Azure or looking to broaden your knowledge? Finding the right content is always a challenge, so we’ve gathered the essentials into a new learning resource designed especially for those that are new to Azure and want to learn more.

These role-based guides provide an overview of key concepts in a progressive step-by-step detailed learning journey.

The System Administrator and Solution Architect guides touch on the core infrastructure services and Azure services that help manage, monitor, and protect those services.


Introducing Microsoft Entra – modern identity and access solutions

We recently announced our new product family to help secure access for a connected world – Microsoft Entra. Don’t miss Vasu Jakkal’s and Joy Chik’s announcement blog on Microsoft Security.  The Microsoft Entra product family includes Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Microsoft Entra Permissions Management​, and Microsoft Entra Verified ID​.


See how 3 industry-leading companies are driving innovation in a new episode of Inside Azure for IT

What we hear from IT leaders is that digital transformation becomes a reality when they can go from doing their job despite technology limitations to innovating and delivering on priorities because of the technology they’re using—specifically global, cloud-based infrastructure.

In this episode, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how three companies are using cutting-edge technologies like high-performance computing, Quantum, and AI to solve complex challenges, power innovation, and generate new kinds of business impact.


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Azure NC A100 v4 VMs for AI now generally available

Set up Single-Node Azure Stack HCI

Reconcile Tag Names Across Azure

Set up a single-node AKS cluster on Windows Server on-premises

Migrate Gen1 to Gen2 VMs on Azure

Manage Arc-enabled Windows Server with Windows Admin Center in the Azure Portal

8 Best Practices for Azure AD Roles

Understanding Reprovision & Point-in-Time restore in Windows 365

Discover how you can innovate anywhere with Azure Arc

Improve outbound connectivity with Azure Virtual Network NAT


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System Center 2019 Update Rollup 4

UR4 for SCOM 2019 – Step by Step

SCOM MP for M365 – V3 CTP

Workflow Analyzer v2 for SCOM

SCOM 2019: Update rollup 4 has arrived!

SCOM versions Poll

Webinars at Silect MP University

APAC keynote: A manifesto for SCOM success

SCOM Unix/Linux Discovery Errors + How To Fix Them

Error while installing SCOM 2019 Reporting

Rebuild Performance Counters

SCOM SCX Agent Build Numbers

SCOM Agent Build Numbers

SCOM Management Server Build Numbers


What’s new in Azure Monitor @ Build 2022

What’s new in Azure Monitor documentation

Generally available: Azure Monitor Agent available on latest Linux distros

Monitoring availability of a custom port

Public preview: Manage your Log Analytics Tables in the Azure portal

Public preview: Azure Monitor application insights JavaScript web snippet auto-injection for node.js

Public preview: AIOps powered intelligent view in application maps

Public preview: ContainerLogv2 schema in Azure Monitor container insights

Updates to the Visual Auditing Security Workbook with Microsoft Sentinel


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Semi-Automate ConfigMgr Firewall Settings

Default site boundary group behavior to support cloud source selection

Offset for monthly maintenance window reoccurrence schedule in Configuration Manager TP 2205

Top 10 Most Used Enterprise Right Click Tools

New Unattended Setup Requirements in ConfigMgr 2203

Extend Your Inventory with MECM Active Directory Attributes

Deploy MECM Wi-Fi Profiles with Password to Windows 10 Devices

Deploy Windows 11 Using MECM

2 Ways to Check SCCM Software Update Sync Status

KB14244456 Hotfix Update Rollup For ConfigMgr 2203

Fix: SCCM Software Center Error 0x80041001

Update scan failed due to Group policy settings were overwritten by a higher authority

How To Restart Windows Devices from SCCM Console

Enable Windows 11 22H2 Updates in ConfigMgr and WSUS

Disable Hide Upgrade to Windows 11 is Ready Notification on SCCM Managed Devices

New Features of SCCM Technical Preview 2206 Baseline Version


What’s new in Microsoft Intune – June 2022

In development for Microsoft Intune – June 2022

Microsoft Graph permissions reference – June 2022

Intune Support Team – Twitter Feed

Intune Product-Feedback Portal

Support statement for supported versus allowed iOS/iPadOS versions for user-less devices

PowerShell Script to Add or Modify Group Tag of Autopilot Devices in Intune

How to Get Application Version Details From Intune

Intune Issue with OPPO OnePlus Realme Android Devices

Turn Off WiFi Hotspot Auto Connect In Windows Using Intune

Windows ARM Device Management using Intune

Windows Update Compatibility Intune Report For App and Driver

Create AAD Dynamic Groups based on Domain Join Type Hybrid Azure AD and Azure AD

Enable 256-bit BitLocker Full Disk Encryption during Autopilot

Use winget to install Microsoft Store apps on Windows 11

Microsoft Intune protected apps

Install Intune Company Portal on devices

Demonstrate Autopilot deployment

Intune Management Extension Deep Dive – Win32 App Deployment Troubleshooting Help Guide

Autopilot into Co-Management

User-Driven Autopilot with Co-Management

Update management for Windows on a Windows 365 Cloud PC


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Learn what’s new in Azure Firewall

Microsoft Defender for Cloud export to Azure Data Explorer

What’s new: incident expansion – relate alerts to incidents

Import ReversingLab’s Ransomware Feed into Microsoft Sentinel

The Security Content Guide to Microsoft Build 2022

Deploying Microsoft Sentinel Analytics Rules that are Already Enabled

Defending Federal Systems with the Microsoft Sentinel Threat Analysis & Response Solution

Azure DDoS Protection Standard Costs Estimation

Simplify and centralize network security management with Azure Firewall Manager

Virtual desktop infrastructure security best practices


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Raising the Baseline Security for all Organizations in the World

Review and remove AAD inactive users in Public Preview

Identity for All Hackathon is here! Come Innovate with us!

To AAD Join or Not … That is the Question

Secure authentication method provisioning with Temporary Access Pass

New capabilities in Microsoft Entra Verified ID now available

Managing, governing, and securing identities for apps and services

Create “nested” groups with Azure AD Dynamic Groups


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Running dynamic SQL in a different database

How To Create A SQL Server 2022 Learning Sandbox In Few Easy Steps

Power BI: Calculating Network Days in M Custom Columns

MYSQL Long Running Queries


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